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No time for adoptive parent fragility! Get your child's certificate of citizenship!

We adoptive parents are a fragile lot, always getting our knickers in a twist about something or other related to adoption. Sometimes the brand is deserved, sometimes it's not. But there’s one thing that I absolutely agree falls into the category of adoptive parent fragility – or entitlement, selfishness, call it what you will - and that's the whining out there about the burden and expense of obtaining a certificate of citizenship for an adopted child. It has gotten expensive, to be sure - $1170 this year. No one likes the bureaucratic headache, either, me included - I could share my family's experiences with INS/USICS as examples. But when I see an adoptive parent of a five or ten year old, or worse, of a teenager, say they haven’t gotten this important legal protection for their child, my blood boils. When the Child Citizenship Act of 2000 went into effect on February 27. 2001, its provisions were clear, as the fact sheet of December 2000 shows: Will Eligible Chil

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