For the Fathers in My Family

For EM: Dad, it's hard to believe you've been gone nine years. For a long time after you died, the only memories I had of you were from the end, when you were so debilitated by Alzheimer's that we could hardly remember what you were like before it took control of your body and mind. But lately, other memories are surfacing, happier memories from long ago. The one that returns most often is from the lake. I see you from a distance, from back on the skis. You drive the boat, one hand on the wheel, head turned toward me over your shoulder. Your other hand gestures above the noise of the motor, "Faster? Slower? Back to shore?" But I just ride the wake, confident that you're watching, that you're looking out for me.

For RP: We've had a wild and crazy ride, we have. Who in the world could possibly be more different than us? I can't think of anyone either. So tell me how we've survived 37 years together - almost 32 of them married? I think it's a testament to your patience, because I certainly haven't been easy to live with. That patience has always been there for the kids, too. It has been a treasure to have you there for them, every day, all day, from the day they arrived. You are an amazing father and a great dad, you've guided them both toward the best in themselves, you've supported them through trouble and triumph. They love you, and so do I.

For KKY: Do you know you have a child, this child with us? I wish you did, because you'd be amazed. Your child has a mind as sharp as a razor, but under the edge is a deep thinker, an artist, a kind and loyal friend. You would be proud.

For YMM: I pray you rest in peace. I know you suffered terribly before your family lost you to your illness, and they struggle even today. Your child knows you've passed away, and is sad that you never met. But someday, perhaps, your family will be reunited, and through those in Korea, your child will come to know you, too.


What a beautiful post. So loving and respectful.
Overwhelmed! said…
Fantastic Father's Day post! Thanks for sharing.

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