Mothers . . . The Myth of "Choice:" Sunday June 11 8:30 PM ET

Thanks to Screams in the Dark for posting this announcement, which I pass on to spread the word.

THE ADOPTION SHOW: Voices Ending the Myth

Hosts Michelle Edmunds & David Bishop

Sunday June 11, 2006 @ 8:30 PM EST (5:30 PST)

Mothers. . . The Myth of "Choice"

Guest speakers:

Karen Wilson Buterbaugh
In 1966, at the age of 17, Karen Wilson Buterbaugh was sent to the Florence Crittenton maternity home in Washington D.C. where her daughter, Michelle Renee, was born on July 22nd. Her daughter was removed from her by social caseworkers ten days later. Karen found her daughter, now named "Maria," thirty years later in November 1996 and made contact with her in January 1997. Karen is founder and President of OriginsUSA and co-founder of Mothers for Open Records Everywhere (MORE); co-author of the book Adoption Healing, For Mothers (2003) and In the Best Interests of Whom? (2005) with Joe Soll; and author of several magazine articles. She has also authored magazine articles "Setting the Record Straight" (2001, Moxie) and "Not By Choice" (2002, Eclectica).

Ann Fessler
Ann Fessler is an adoptee and the author of a new book The Girls Who Went Away, The Hidden History of Women Who Surrendered Babies for Adoption in the Decades before Roe v. Wade. The book is based on Fessler's extensive research and oral history interviews she conducted with over 100 women from around the US who surrendered babies between 1945-1973. Ann is also an installation artist and filmmaker.


Jenna said…
I'm reading The Girls Who Went Away right now. It's page after page of heartbreak.
joy said…
Haha! I am not posting about your post just how proud I am that I have managed to add you to my links.

Sorry, I am self-centered.

But I also wanted to comment on what a really caring mom you are.

You really want to understand your children, and that is a challenge, even as a "regular" mother I find their are moments when I have to take a step back and remember that my job is to love the child that is, versus the child I think he should be.

Mothers who can love the child that is, regardless of how they came to be their parent, a, b or like me r, because it is a common struggle, are giving that child a gift that cause them to be self-confident.

And for that you should be very proud.

Margie said…
Thanks, Joy. Those are really nice things to say. I just want my kids to be who they are - and they need their first families to do that.

And I noticed that the profile link to your blog is fixed, too - bet you'll see your traffic go up, because I clicked for awhile until I put your name and "double-goer" together.


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