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Because everyone needs to roll up their sleeves, I offer Third Mom's Activism Page. New links will be added from time to time. Links are listed in alphabetical order presuming I can spell. Where I've found sites that aggregate links, I'll post those. If you would like to suggest a link, please email me. If a link looks out of place on this list, please consider that activism can take many forms - like protesting or lobbying for change.

Asian American Bone Marrow Donation

If you are Asian American, please consider taking this important action, which may save a life. If you're not Asian American, you can help, too - anyone can plan and conduct a bone marrow drive in your community or where you work (email me if you're considering this - I've done this in my community, am planning to do it again, and would be happy to offer my insights). See the links below for more information.

Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption


suz said…
neat. good for you.

oh and love your pix
Margie said…
Thanks :) You can see how I wasted away my afternoon. Got away from the computer to go shopping this evening, but here am I again (but not for long). The flickr badges are just too much fun.

I put the post with these links in a sidebar, so I can continually update the post but the link will remain static. Hopefully the list will grow, too.

FauxClaud said…
Just Thank you.

You are too good to be true!
Margie said…
Wait - read me "gotcha" comment first. I hope honesty counts for something :(

Now back to work for me!
ThirdCat Productions said…
Hi. My name is Jason, a Korean-American adoptee from

New York City. I am currently in post production on a

documentary tentatively titled "Going Home" which chronicles my journey to find my birth family in South Korea. As an adoptee, it was extremely important for me to depict the process and my own personal journey in an honest light, especially from a male's point of view. It is my belief that as an adoptee, I have very different views and definitions of what family is and it is constantly growing and evolving. I feel as though the general perception of adoptees is rather negative. However, this documentary is really a celebration of adoption and demonstrates that adoptees are not people with existential questions but are people who have

found or a searching for a unique balance in his/her environment. Please look at for more information. I hope you will support us in a journey that has meant so much to me.

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