Don't Miss Claud on The Adoption Show Sun Aug 27

The Adoption Show, Voices Ending the Myth...

August 27, 2006: Adoption Coercion - Post The Baby Scoop Era (BSE)

Guests: Claudia Corrigan Sheeley of Musings of the Lame
Laurie Frisch

To hear the show, click The Adoption Show Listen Now link on the night of the show. Or go to and click "Click Here to Listen" on the navbar.

The Adoption Show is aired every other Sunday night at 8:30 PM EST. Visit the website for the upcoming schedule, copies of past shows, and other information.


Cookie said…
Thanks for posting about my friend Claud - I think it is this Sunday, Aug. 27 though, right?
Margie said…
Hi, Cookie, good to hear from you!

Thanks for reminding me to update - Claud was actually scheduled last week and due to an unforeseen technical problem wasn't able to join. She was rescheduled for this week, and you just reminded me to update this entry.


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