Mea Culpa #3

How convenient this numbering system is for someone whose foot is in her mouth so frequently! Time to call on it again.

The comments that were the subject of my post on the collision of joy and grief yesterday bothered me a lot, more than pretty much anything I've read on the web recently. I think the anger, directed at first moms and a-parents who disagreed with the prevailing opinions, was an eye-opener for me. Although I've heard from first moms on their blogs that this kind of hostility is out there, I hadn't really experienced it in the same quantity as I did yesterday.

But in rushing to add my two cents, I did two things that I'm really trying not to do - I fueled the fire, and worse, I spoke for first moms.

I've found tremendous graciousness among the first mothers I've met online. To a woman, they have been willing to put up with my questions and my comments. They have taught me about the experience of adoption as they have lived it, openly sharing their stories, their pain, and their hopes.

And they are perfectly capable for speaking for themselves, as any one of their blogs will tell you (and there are lots of links down my sidebar, so please click and read).

I apologize for rushing in where I didn't need to go. Blogging has been a learning experience for me in and of itself - much too easy to act-then-think with this medium. Hopefully one of these days I'll get it.


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