National Infant Adoption Reform Act

It's my opinion that change in adoption needs to happen not only on a grassroots level, but also in the media and in the legislature. Today I found a group that's working on all three, a grassroots initiative by a group of people working in an MSN group to draft the National Infant Adoption Reform Act.

I found this group just today, and was excited to see a draft of legislation to reform adoption practice. I haven't yet read the entire draft, and therefore can't say if I agree or disagree with everything in it. But I'm sending out the link so those of you who haven't heard of this yet will know that this effort is underway, and that the group is open to all to join.

If you, like I, believe that change in adoption is necessary, make your voice heard. Add your thoughts to the discussion of NIARA.

I've added NIARA to the Activism Page, which is updated periodically with links to organizations and individuals working on adoption reform. Please take a look, and if you know of a group that I haven't included, please let me know.


suz said…
no surprise to me to see Claud there. Will check it out more later.
FauxClaud said…
Oh, gosh..this so reminds me that I printed the whole puppy out and meant to re write so much of it...ehhh gads..where does time go??'s a's hardly a I wrote out the thing in a weekend of insanity almost two years ago..way before it's time, when no one outside of hard core anti circles was talking reform at all..and it is VERY rough!!

But it is my baby and my ultimate dream...still just working on paving the way for will happen..though probably not in the same form it is now..

Man, I really do have to brush it up.
AdoptAuthor said…
I agree with what I have read so far in the proposed NIAR.

Change is adoption is MOST DEFINITELY needed.

"THE STORK MARKET: America's Multi-Billion Dollar Unregulated Adoption Industry" explores the multitude of things wrong with infant adoption a sit is practiced today: exploitation, coercions and scams. The privatization of adoption creates harm for ALL parties involve din adoption.

It also advocates for a combination of professionals and grassroots activists working together for change. It will not be easy to get the profiteering out of adoption...but it MUST b done!

The Stork Market is available at Amazon for $18.50 and directly from fr $16 where you can more about it.

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