Resilience: A Voice for Korean Mothers

Resilience is a one-hour documentary directed and co-produced by Tammy Chu, and produced by KoRoot. The film critically examines the issue of South Korea's international adoption system through the perspective of birth mothers, who share their stories in their own voices, shedding much-needed light and understanding on their experiences.

The making of Resilience is sponsored by Women Make Movies, a multicultural, multiracial, non-profit media arts organization which facilitates the production, promotion, distribution and exhibition of independent films and videotapes by and about women. Please support the making of Resilience - every donation will help complete this important project. Visit the Women Make Movies sponsored projects page and scroll down to the entry for Resilience to make a donation.

Tammy Chu and her twin sister were adopted in the United States when they were eight. Her first film, Searching for Go-Hyang, is a 32-minute documentary depicting the sisters' reunion with their birth families in 1998. It has been screened internationally at film festivals, museums, and conferences, and has been broadcast on public television (PBS) in the US. Searching for Go-Hyang is also available from Women Make Movies.

1/24/07: Resilience has a new website - please visit!!


Etude said…
Hello Margie,

I am a Korean adoptee living in Richmond VA just a little south of you. I was most interested in the organizations you mention in DC. Do you know if there are any such organizations in the Richmond area? I came over in 1972 as a 4.5 year old.
Margie said…
Hi, Etude,

I'm not aware of adoptee organizations in the Richmond area, but I'll do some digging. One group I would direct you to that's national, and may therefore be building a presence in Richmond, is the International Adoptee Congress - They're planning their first conference in DC in November, and it might be a good place to connect with others.

If I find any contacts for you in Richmond, I'll post them in a comment to your blog.

Thanks for stopping by.
Susan said…
How and where can we see these movies? They look really powerful.w
Margie said…
Susan, that's a good question. Searching for Go-Hyang was apparently on PBS at some point, but I missed it. I'm going to search there to see if any future screenings are planned. Beyond that, I think you'd have to rent or purchase from Women Make Movies. Their rates aren't too bad, particularly if an organization can purchase. I'm going to see if Korean Focus will get a copy of Resilience for our library.
Anonymous said…
Do you know where I could get a copy of Resilience to watch? I am quite interested in seeing it as I am a Korean adoptee.

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