Concrete Help for Single Mothers

Thank you, Suz, for posting this - this is an example of exactly the kind of help that women need in a variety of situations that would otherwise leave them alone and without support.

What terrific idea - here's hoping it takes root and grows! Please help by spreading the word!

CoAbode: Single Mothers House Sharing


I posted this at Suz's blog too cause I am really wondering something. I love that house sharing idea. I have actually done that before and I want to do it again. I was happy to see that site and I looked around for a while. But I have to say I found the blog posts very strange. All about food but not making much sense... did anyone else see that? Scroll down and read a few entries. It made me wonder if it is all for real.... or was I just more tired than I thought when I read it?
Margie said…
No, you're not imagining anything, Clouds - the blog is strange! I'm not even sure why they would have a blog; all I could gather from it was that it's a place for some of the mothers to share their writing.

But I think the idea is awesome, so hopefully they'll ditch the blog and focus on the initiative. They seem to have garnered some positive press; hopefully that will jump-start the effort so it grows.
It just made me wonder if it was for real or one of those fake spam blogs that are just trolling... why would they post anything so nonsensical? It reads like the kind of junk mail I get selling me stocks or something.

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