You're Invited to a Baby Shower!

Hats off and deep bows to Kim and Susie, who have begun something really wonderful.

Generous Kim began by reaching out to Alley, a mother in Kansas who is expecting her third child, by offering her help and encouraging others to join the "big sib club." And creative Susie expanded on Kim's wonderful idea by organizing an on-line shower, complete with gift ideas and registies.

You ladies rock!

If you've ever wondered what you can to do support the preservation of a family, here's your opportunity. Join in! Visit AfrindieMum for suggestions and ideas on what to do. (And don't be intimidated by all the talented knitters and quilters - even the creatively-challenged like me can help. We can SHOP, woo hoo!)

This online shower complements beautifully the idea for a mother's supply closet that Cloudscome posted awhile ago. Her idea is for everyone to reach out to agencies in their area to find out the kinds of services they provide to pregnant women, to help create supply closets for mothers at the agencies, and the to grow the closets online.

I'm guessing that everyone that reads this has ideas, too, or skills, or resources, or advice. If you blog, post about it! If you don't, add your thoughts in comments! Who knows where all of these ideas might go?

I think they could go very far indeed.


suz said…

A member of my famly personally benefitted from this type of support. KimKim, Cloudscome, and YOU, Margie, and many others all sent me gifts for the teen mom.

Sadly, the teen mom ended up surrendering her child after three months BUT it was to a kinship adoption. She will know, see, etc. her child. She was deeply touched by all the support she got from all around the world and our words, efforts, etc. helped her in her decision to go with a kinship.

Interestingly, she is also an adoptee herself AND named Alley! Just like the woman you ladies are sponsoring (the name, not the adoptee status).

To add to what is being provided, I can say that my cousin (the teen mom) really needed local in person face to face support. She needed someome to come over and relieve her so she could sleep, she needed someone to call her on the phone and assure her that it was okay, she was okay, and that mothering is hard at any age. She needed a group of other young local moms to talk with and share with. She needed in person, emotional support. Lacking that, she was left depressed, lost, alone and feelign unworthy and incapable of caring for her daughter.

While the online shower idea is awesome, additions of local support, people, babysitters, therapists, social programs, in her area etc. should be researched and provided to her as well.

From what I understand she has two other children. She will have her hands full with a new one. I am sure she would appreciate someone watching the other kids, or stayin at her home and coking meals, or allowing her to nap, etc.

Blessings to a
Margie said…
That is excellent advice, Suz - and there are services that we could tap into, I'm sure, that can provide that kind of help to Alley. I will start digging, and who knows? Maybe someone from Kansas will stop by with just the right contact!

Thanks for the thoughts!
suz said…
Agreed, Margie. Sadly, after my cousin surrendered her daughter, I learned a first mom friend of mine lived very close to her. She would have gone there night and day to help my cousin had she known (or had I known she was that close). said…
This mother is a lot older than 15 and is already taking care of her two sons. In this case short term support will be most beneficial.

She just needs a little help getting on her feet, she has a college degree and a job but it's hard going on her own. She just left an abusive husband and anyone who has been through a divorce or had parents divorce know that the first year is really tough financially.

I just want to focus on what we are doing here and worry about the rest later.

First things first. She needs baby clothes, some fluffy slippers and the feeling that some big sisters are in her corner.

You are fabulous having this link here thank you so very much for being part of this with us.
Anonymous said…
I am so glad that you posted the Mothers Closet info. I remember reading that somewhere. I managed to gather two HUGE boxes of Maternity clothes for Ally. I don't know if she could use them all and wanted to donate them to that Mothers closet but couldn't find the blog!!!! Now I know the info. I can check that off my list.

I have talked to a few friends that live in Nebraska (but only a few hours away from her...) ...they are other adoptive moms (like me) and they are researching what they can do about getting her some baby sitting help or basic support.... I also think that this going to be as important as...if not more important than the "stuff".

As I have seen written on the forums MANY times by first moms.... baby's don't need much stuff, they need love and food and shelter. We need to help Ally get the support she needs so she can provide that........

I checked craigslist in her area and there isn't much. I am working on a crib.......... I also wanted to let the readers know that she lives near a Walmart...and that is where she grocery shops, etc. If people feel like they want to send a gift card, that is a good place to get it. :-)
Thank you for pulling this all together in one post. I think the friendship support and babysitting help is really important too. Just getting to the grocery store seems impossible when you have three kids and with one a newborn she is going to be overwhelmed. The family she lives with hasn't been very helpful for things like this. A friend who can help with rides and watching the kids would be a huge blessing. If we can hook up people who live nearby that would be great.
Margie said…
Anon, I agree. I did some looking into babysitting services, but there was nothing in her area. But let's all keep looking, someone will have an idea.

Clouds, I'm glad it was OK for me to pull these together! There is a synergy between these ideas - a closet and a shower - and maybe as others have more ideas they will all come together. I have an idea, BTW - can you add a link to your mother's closet posts in your into? I realized when I posted this that I had to search for them, and someone who wasn't looking might not find them. But if you can add a line with those links, then I bet more folks will stop by and the ideas will grow.
Thandi said…
I iwsh we had something like that over here.This is a cool idea.

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