Great Weekend

We had such a good weekend.

I went shopping with The Girl on Saturday afternoon - Target followed by lunch at McDonald's, totally mundane. We bought some stuff we needed, and lots more that we didn't. And we laughed and talked and joked all afternoon.

And - wonder of wonders - The Boy went shopping with Third Dad and me on Saturday evening. We went to Ikea to get two chests for our bedroom, and The Boy joined us to look for storage solutions for his room. We ate meatballs in the Ikea restaurant and went through the entire store. And we laughed and talked and joked all evening.

I used to think there could be nothing better than being a mom to babies and toddlers. But now I think there's nothing better than teens. It's amazing to see your children nearly grown, and incredible to be able to talk to them like friends.

Yes, it was a very good weekend indeed.


Susan said…
Cute isn't the word. They are absolutely gorgeous! And how cool that they seem to be friends as well as siblings. I love babies, but I would take a teen over a toddler any day. And I agree how wonderful it is to see them growing up. My two met me in the city today, and the older one took the younger one shopping for dress-up clothes. It was really kind of stunning, to see them so close, and so independent.
joy said…
OOOH so adorable how can you stand it?

Yeah, as a mom of a teen too, you think you can't love them more as they grow but you do.
Gwen said…
Yes they are quite adorable! It is great to see them! I too was noticing how they appear to be friends! That is awesome! It's great to hear that as they get older there are things to look forward to. So many times you hear nothing but negative about teens. I'm glad to see positive! It gives me great hope!

It sounds like a great day!
Mom2One said…
Your kids are beautiful!
Margie said…
Thanks, everyone :)

They are good friends, Gwen - but it wasn't always that way. Our son really didn't like having a little sister, and he was awfully mean to her. I mean, there were times I wondered if they would ever get along. But M. stood her ground, and he grew to respect her, and by the time they got to junior high they were buddies. They have different interests and friends, but also know that they have each other, too.
Mama Nabi said…
This is so sweet - I agree, LN's not even 21 months yet and I've already heard 'warnings' and 'horror stories' about being a parent to teens... so it's soooo nice to hear that gloom and doom aren't the only future to look forward to. I love the fact that, although you loved their baby/toddler stages, you wouldn't go back. I hope that's how I feel in 15 years or so...
What a beautiful picture! Your kids are gorgeous. I am so glad you posted this for us! Yay for teenagers!
"I used to think there could be nothing better than being a mom to babies and toddlers. But now I think there's nothing better than teens. "

YES! I so know EXACTLY what you are talking about! When my son was a baby I used to think: Oh this is the best. It can't get any better. And then when he was a toddler it was: Well that newborn stage was cute, but this, THIS is the best it's ever going to get. Each age, I thought the same thing.

We've got a blended family ranging in age from 16-22, so I've had lots of teen experiences. Teenagers and early twenties are positively the best. It can't possibly get any better than this ;-) said…
I love this photo. They look really close too and like good friends as well as brother and sister.

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