Presenting at KAAN with Claud

The 2007 KAAN Conference will be held from July 20 to 22 in Boston, MA. I haven't missed a KAAN Conference yet (this year's will be my ninth), and, with my friend Michelle Howard of Korea Homeland Tours, was the coordinator of the 2003 KAAN Conference in Washington, DC (photos here), so this forum is near and dear to my hear.

I'm excited to announce that Claud and I will be presenting together this year! Well, I'll be introducing and facilitating questions, and Claud will be doing most of the talking - but we'll be working together and I think it's terrific.

KAAN, which is the Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network, is a conference jointly supported by adoptees, adoptive parents, Koreans, and Korean Americans. The voices of first parents have largely been absent from the conference, not that conference organizers haven't tried to include them. Indeed, a session with first mothers was part of the first KAAN Conference in Los Angeles in 1999, and again last year at the conference in Seoul. But language barriers and the cost of travel from Korea have made it difficult to bring first parents into the conference on a regular basis.

I've presented at conferences in the past, mostly on topics related to raising children from another race and culture. But the experience of blogging has had a profound effect on me, as it's brought me into contact with mothers I am proud to say are friends, and who have been willing to share their experiences with me.

And so I reached out to Claud to see if she might be interested in working together. She was, and we developed the concept for a session called Universal Motherhood, Universal Loss that we hope will increase understanding of the experience of adoption loss and reunion, and will dispel the myth of closure. Earlier this month we were accepted, and will be presenting on the afternoon of July 21.

Claud, thank you for your willingness to work together and to reach a new audience.


suz said…
best of luck to you both. i am sure you will rock.
Dawn said…
This is FABULOUS!! Any chance of getting a transcript or something like?
Lisa said…
Thanks for commenting on my blog. I can't wait to sit and read all about yours!
Paula O. said…
WOW! How exciting! The message and topic you are addressing are so important and I know you both will do an amazing job. Time to go look at the calendar and see if I can detour our summer vacation through Boston. Best of luck to you both in your preparation. Congratulations!!
Mom2One said…
Wow, good for you! For both of you! That sounds like it will be a great session.

Actually just the notion of a first mother and an adoptive mother presenting together is pretty radical in some circles. Break down those barriers, bay-bee!! :)

~ Mom2One AKA Judy

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