Pushing up the Sky

Things are beginning to settle down at work, but I have a couple of obligations I need to complete before I can settle in to really catch up with everyone and do some posting here. Two things top the list - catching up on Korean Focus activities, and finishing an article I'm working on with two really good friends, Mark Hagland and Terra Trevor.

This gives me a wonderful opportunity to tell you about Terra's book, Pushing up the Sky, which was announced at the KAAN Conference in Seoul. Terra and her family have a unique and fascinating story, one that offers new insights into the complexity of relationships in adoption. Terra, who is of Cherokee, Delaware, and Seneca ancestry, also possesses a wisdom about racial issues that everyone can learn from. I know that I have. I encourage you all to read her book.

Hope to be writing again soon.


suz said…
omg,. I will so read her book. i just read her webpage..she touches something in me..i dont know why but i know i must read the book. (and i LOVE her name...TERRA..many meanings)
mia said…
MMMMMM...looks great. Thanks Margie! I will definately put this on my must read list too.

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