Thinking Blogger Award

Susan at ReadingWritingLiving has generously - and for no deserved reason, I might add - given me a Thinking Blogger Award. Thank you, Susan!

And now I get to pass on the award to five more blogs. ReadingWritingLiving is absolutely on this list, but I must follow the rules and shout out five different blogs. You know the length of my blogroll, which makes this quite a challenge. But I'm rising to it - here goes!
Writing My Wrongs Suz has taken the experience of losing a child to adoption in directions I would never have even considered before I met her through her blog. The combination of brutal honesty and deep compassion has forever changed the way I think about adoption.

Harlow's Monkey Not only is this one of the most thought-provoking blogs you'll ever find, but Jae-Ran's research and writing are impeccable. It is a must-read, pure and simple.

A Wrung Sponge Thank you, Cloudscome, for creating this amazing internet haven! Excellent book reviews, poetry, photography, and posts about her parenting experience make this blog one of my favorites.

Peter's Cross Station Shannon is clearly one smart person, and this blog will take you in unexpected directions. Shannon doesn't just write about adoption, and I often find when I stop by that she's written about something completely unrelated to adoption that keeps me thinking all day.
Anti-Racist Parent I know this one will be duplicated many times, and I'm glad to add to that. So many outstanding points of view on anti-racism, so many comment dialogs! Good stuff!
The great thing about blogging is that if I were to repeat this exercise in a month or six months or a year, I know there would be brand-new blogs to add to the list. My hat's off to everyone who's out here thinking and writing!


Ca said…
Wow - thank you so much for including Anti-Racist Parent on your list, Margie. It's an honor, and I'm so glad that you are a part of our blog. I consider your voice to be essential to ARP. :)
suz said…
Well arent you just the most darling person I have ever had the chance to meet? Thanks for the callout and your thoughts. Much appreciated.
I am SO thrilled to be mentioned in this group. You have given me an honor to live up to!! said…
Congratulations, you definetly deserve to be acknowledged.

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