Blogger Blitz: Bring Baby Evelyn Home

Blogger Blitz Called to Bring Baby Evelyn Home
By OriginsUSA
Dated: 2007-04-12 08:54:20

As court battle for Baby Evelyn trudges on, new details of case are revealed. OriginsUSA calls for adoption community bloggers to help.

2007, to increase media and public awareness of the coercion used to obtain the surrender and removal of five month old Evelyn Bennett from her seventeen year old mother, Stephanie Bennett, on September 12, 2006, in Canton , Ohio.

Traditional media, with the exception of Rick Armon of the Akron Beacon Journal, have largely ignored this story. As outlined by Mr. Armon in the original story on December 31, 2006, the Bennett case has many unanswered questions. Despite the lack of media coverage, the interest of the online community has not diminished and has been kept alive for months via blog articles, adoption forums and online chats.

Kicking off the Blogger Blitz will be a live stream, online, radio interview with Judy Bennett, Stephanie’s mother and grandmother to baby Evelyn. “The Adoption Show,” with Michelle Edmunds, will air on Sunday, April 15, 2007, and will be available online thereafter. The interview will break the codes of silence and gag orders imposed upon the family, while showing that this story is more tragic than even previously known.


Kathy said…
How could an adoptive family want to
keep a baby that is wanted by the
mother and has been awarded custody
by the courts to the grandparents?
Not only that, but the school helped
to facilitate this crime? Telling the
mother to run away from home? This
is an outrage, and I am simply
astounded that the adoptive family
is acting so cruelly. And what about
the open adoption agreement that the
agency offers on their web?
Mom2One/Judy said…
That's where I live! >:( That's the high school Nate is slated to go to, even! It makes me totally sick.
Margie said…
Holy crap, Judy, I'd be quaking in my boots! Maybe a move is in order. And if that's not possible, I'd go in there with a 2x4 before the beginning of his first year to establish the rules.

This story made very clear to me that in the mainstream,adoption agencies are perceived to do only good. Put aside the issue of how incredibly wrong it was for this counselor to arrange a meeting on school property, and consider how he could have taken ANY action that didn't include Stephanie's parents.

And the adoptive parents - of course I understand they love this baby. But what they are doing is wrong, wrong, wrong, and it galls me that they don't get that.

So sad, all around.
Mom2One/Judy said…
Oh, Margie, I -- well, I'd love to go right in there and give those people a piece of my mind.

I've been a big proponent of public education for my whole life, but this school -- which used to be a good one -- might cause us to send Nate to a private school come high school time. Besides this damn story, I have a friend who works at a public library branch that just opened up there, and the branch has to have a security guard in there the whole time so that the staff feels safe. The school is open access/enrollment (whatever it's called) and there are now gangs and violence like there didn't used to be, all of which is never reported. All of this -- plus this Bennett story -- is swept under the rug.

Unless things change dramatically in the next 10 years -- and I don't have much hope for that -- we will be looking into some kind of private school for Nate if we stay in this township. But when we moved here we assumed our future child(ren) would be going to all the public schools here. It's just too bad because it's an expense we never would have counted on.

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