Say what?

Update 4/26 - thanks, Mommela: We regret that this item is not available at this time. Never doubt for a minute that your voices don't count.

This one defies words. Many thanks to Abebech for putting it on the radar screen.

Undoubtedly, Urban Outfitters is enjoying the notoriety of this tasteless marketing campaign. How they can possibly think it's OK to target a segment of the population in this way is beyond me. No, it's actually not beyond me. This is about profit and greed.

So let's enlighten them. Contact information is here - phone, fax, email, take your pick and let them know this isn't OK.

Updated 4/26 - Here's what I sent to Urban Outfitters:
I am writing for your help regarding the t-shirt you are selling here. Should the link not bring you to the photo of this shirt, let me explain that it displays this motto on its front:

Adoption is the new black.

I specifically need your directions for telling my teen-aged children, who came to our family through adoption, what the intent of the motto on this shirt could possibly be. I can't imagine you want to use the thousands and thousands of individuals and families who have experienced adoption here in the U.S. and around the world as a tool for profit. But I am struggling to find another.


abebech said…
Thanks, Margie. I'm not the first to notice it -- it was posted on an adoption group -- but I'm really hopeful that they'll be flooded with complaints.
MomEtc. said…
Great letter, Margie. A couple of us at least from my Yahoo group are writing to the company as well.
Mommela said…
"We regret that this item is not available at this time."

Woo hoo! While I hate that it's still shown, at least they won't be selling them for now.

And, by the way, the companion tee, "Rehab is the new black" is also unavailable.
Good to see voices being heard! I had posted about it on my blog as well, and wrote several letters.
Gwen said…
I'm glad to see you can't get this disgusting shirt right now!
Paula O. said…
Thanks for getting the word out there. Now we need to work on eliminating the rest of the offensive adoption "logo" wear.
Anonymous said…
Done -- I wrote "Your t-shirt which equates adoption with a fad -- of being or acting black -- is offensive to families who have been formed through adoption. Adoption, like giving birth, is a lifelong commitment that the vast majority of people take very, very seriously." Thanks for the heads up.
Michelle said…
I have never understood ANY adoption clothing, since when is adoption a fashion statement. I don't get it. Great letter Margie!

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