Stephanie Bennett Blog Blitz Posts

Every time you see this pop up again in your reader, it means I've added another post - and that's a very good thing!

Here are the Stephanie Bennett blog blitz posts I've found so far. Being an organizer, I wanted a way to locate all the posts quickly, and thought you might find it useful, too.

These are all terrific. You've looked at the issue from so many angle and perspectives, but you all point to the same conclusion: that the removal of Evelyn Bennett from her home is a terrible miscarriage of justice.

Most of all, you made it clear that Evelyn Bennett needs to come home NOW! This message has a special poignancy today - it's Evelyn's first birthday (thank you, Judy, for posting about that).

I gleaned these from comments, and Google and Technorati searches. Some of you listed here have posted multiple times on the subject, in which case I picked the post I liked best. I'm sure I'm missing some, too - who? Leave a comment with link so I can add you!! And then Theresa can add you to her candlelight tree, too.

And don't forget to listen to the interview with Judy Bennett, Stephanie's attorney Jennifer Lowry, and Sandy Young on The Adoption Show!

A Child’s Waiting, Evelyn Bennett, and an Unnecessary Family Break Up: Nicole
A Couple of Things: Shannon
A Crime Against A Family; As It Happened: Robin Westbrook
An American Travesty - Stephanie and Evelyn Bennett: Deborah
An Open Letter to the Couple Hiding Evelyn Bennett: Margie
Anatomy of a Child Theft: Adoption Roadkill
Baby Evelyn: Mia
Baby Evelyn Blog Blitz: Erin
Baby Evelyn's Future Autobiography: Julie
Blog Blitz: Dawn
Blog Blitz: Kateri
Blog Blitz- Stephanie Bennett: Lisa V
Blogger Blitz: Gershom
Blogger Blitz: Bring Baby Evelyn Home: Paula
Blogger Blitz Called to Bring Baby Evelyn Home: Adoptapundit
Blogger Blitz Called to Bring Baby Evelyn Home: Heather
Blogger Blitz Called to Bring Baby Evelyn Home: Dan
Blogger Blitz Called to Bring Baby Evelyn Home: Sandy Young
Blogger Blitz-copied and pasted because I love Claud: Roxanol
blogger blitz for baby evelyn.: Feenix Rising
Blogger Blitz to bring Baby Evelyn home: Umbilicly Challenged
Bring Baby Evelyn Bennett Home: Possum
Bring Baby Evelyn Home: Em
Bring Baby Evelyn Home: Nikki Jo
Bring Baby Evelyn Home: Nikki Jo
Bring Baby Evelyn Home!: Rebecca
Bring Baby Evelyn Home!!: Erika
BringBabyEvelynHome! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bring Evelyn Home: MSP
Enough is Enough: Send Baby Evelyn Bennett Home NOW!: AntiAdoption
Ethics Gone awry….Ethics Gone Completely: Tina
Evelyn Bennett: Cloudscome
Evelyn Bennett: Poor Statue
Evelyn Bennett: Susan of Crunchy Granola
Evelyn Bennett~ wonder what she is doing right now...: The Passionate Peach
For the Bennetts: Unproductive Reproduction
Having Been Coerced Myself: Suz
Heavy heart: Mommela
helping: Mommy in Making
If you aren't aware yet...: Jamie
It's Time to Bring Evelyn Bennett Home: Square One
Questions about the Stephanie Bennett...: The Voyage
Return Baby Evelyn: Christie D.
Stephanie Bennett: Aislin
Stephanie Bennett: BethGo
Stephanie’s Case: There is What’s Right, What’s Wrong, and the Law: A Voice of Reason
Stolen Baby Evelyn Bennett: Blogtilyadrop
The Kidnapping of Evelyn Bennett: Therapy is Expensive
The Stephanie Bennett Saga: What Happens Next?
To the Couple Hiding Evelyn Bennett: Melissa
Too many questions for me to comprehend: Theresa
We Don’t OWN Our Children!: Judy
Why is Stephanie Bennett so Important??: Claud
Words I Can’t Seem to Write (Stephanie and Evelyn Bennett Blog Blitz): A Barrel of Nelsons


mominmaking said…
thanks for making a list. I had been searching to see how well the blitz worked. I'm glad that if you do a search a lot of the top searches are bloggers about Evelyn
AWESOME list, I'll crossref. Thanks.
Sandy Young said…
Just to let you know, there are currently, to the best of our knowledge, over 130 bloggers who have taken part in the Blitz. They are not all familiar, and some just heard about it and decided to take part on their own. They are all over the world. I have heard from Australia, the UK, NZ and Canada.

This is such an exciting thing!
Margie said…
Sandy, this is awesome news! Wow!!
AdoptaPundit said…
Please add me to your list
Margie said…
Adoptapundit, I've got you linked here:
Blogger Blitz Called to Bring Baby Evelyn Home: Adoptapundit

And I've also added you to my blogroll!
Michelle said…
Great job, Margie! Please add to the list (not a blog, but still a resource and supporter).
Erin said…
hmm... it didn't copy the whole link.
Lilian said…
Hi, maybe I didn't look carefully enough, but did you include Kateri (who's a first mom) at Wet Feet?
Margie said…
Thanks, all!

- Michelle, I've got a link to The Adoption Show at the top
- Erin, thanks, I've got you linked now (I already have you on the blogroll)
- Lilian, obrigada! (Falo um pouco de português :)
Possum said…
Hi Margie,
Thanks for this list.
Here's mine......

Poss. xx
Margie said…
Poss, how did I miss that, I thought I had it? Sorry about that - and I've got it now!
mama2roo said…
Hi Margi-
I just got on the bandwagon, but hope its okay that I linked your post with the list in my post.

Margie said…
Thanks for letting me know, Em, I've got you linked!
Wow Margie this is incredible! You are awsome for collecting all these links. Now I know what I should be spending my reading time catching up on...

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