Thinking Blogger Thanks

Mom Seeking Peace has included me in her recent list of Thinking Bloggers - thank you, MSP!

MSP is a first mom, and a strong, yet peaceful, advocate for other first mothers and adoptees. She was one of the first first moms, along with Claud and Suz and Kim, willing to speak with me online when I first started blogging a year ago. And if I remember correctly, I think MSP may have been the first mother who linked to my blog, a gracious act that I will always remember.

I remember how stunned I was when I found so many mothers online, sharing their grief and loss, and telling the world about the incredible injustices they had experienced. I simply hadn't been prepared for the depth of their pain - or the steel in their backbones.

And so I'm going to pass this Thinking Blogger award back to MSP, and to Suz (again), and Claud and Kim - as well as Barb and Nicole and Jenna and Dbannie and Sheribat and Heatherrainbow and Cookie and Being Me and each and every first mother who is speaking out online, or in her community, in print and in the media.

You have opened my eyes and my mind. Your voices make us ALL think. Thank you.

Comments said…
You are such a generous and lovely sould M. Thank you for nominating me in amongst all those great bloggers.

suz said…
why thank you lovely. we can talk all about how great I am this coming week! See you in VA.
Congratulations!! And well deserved!

I remember when I found you, I had chills reading your words and I linked you because I could see that you really got it, really truely got it and It was so nice that you did, not only for me but your son and daughters sake and thier mom back home and for all the women who might come across you as an adoptive mom who may not hear me or suz or Kim or the others because it would be getting to close, but would be willing to listen to you. I feel confidant that when you speak to them that they would be more open to.
So Thank you.

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