Vote for A Girl Like Me

Reposting 4/9/07 to make sure everyone sees it! Also, please be sure to stop by and offer your support to Baby James and his family!

First, many thanks to Carmen, Dawn, Jenna, and Abebech for spreading the word.

Second, please pass it on far and wide!

CosmoGIRL and Take Action Hollywood! are sponsoring a film contest for girls. The finalists include an amazing film by a young woman named Kiri Davis, A Girl Like Me. Kiri describes the film this way:

The issues my friends and I face inspired me to create this documentary. Through my interviews, it became extremely apparent how European beauty standards still maintain a dominant role in our society. Society imposes standards that affect us all no matter what your sex or race is. I hope the film helps girls everywhere understand that you can’t allow other people to define who you are. You have to define and celebrate yourself. You have to love the skin you're in!

I watched it with my daughter, and I could see the wheels in her head turning, in sympathy and empathy. She commented that she was surprised, because her African American friends and schoolmates seem so confident to her. It was clearly an eye-opener for her.

Watch here. Vote here. Send a message to Kiri and the world that you want ALL girls to love the skin they're in!


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