More Thinking Blogger Thanks

Many thanks to Mom2Roo and Coffeegrl for including me in their recent lists of Thinking Bloggers. I appreciate the shoutout, and tip my hat back to you, as you both are extremely thoughtful bloggers, too! Thanks!

I'm diverging from the appropriate response again, which is to pass the award on to five more thinking bloggers. This time I'd like to acknowledge the adoptee bloggers who have made a difference to me. The adoptee blogs I read have helped me understand the pain of loss of identity far better than I ever could have before. For lack of a better way of saying it, they've helped me find my place in the adoption world, which is not at the head of the line. They have shown me the importance of being actively involved in adoption reform as well.

There are so many. Joy, omigosh, Joy. Amy. Nina. Mia. Possum. Theresa. Dan. Rhonda. Ani. Elizabeth. Marley. Wraith. Michelle, who isn't technically a blogger but certainly makes me think.

So many Korean and transnational and transracial adoptees, too, who bring me face to face with the reality of straddling cultures and races. Susan. Jae Ran. Ji-In. Julia. Paula. Lisa Marie. Sume. Heather, who experiences adoption from two perspectives. KT (whose blog is password-protected, but I want to make sure knows that before it was, I read and learned). Mo. Mudeng. Eunmi. Papa2Hapa. Peaceofrice. Gang Shik. Yong San. Jane Jeong Trenka.

There are many more. But today I want to make sure that these bloggers know I read them, I learn from them, and I appreciate their willingness to share their experiences. You make me think. Thank you.


Michelle said…
Hey Margie,

I guess I'm a blogger responder! The show keeps me busy enough that I couldn't imagine putting in the engery to host a blog....anyway, I think my brothers and sisters in adoption are doing a damn fine job.

It is quite illuminating (can't think of another word at the moment) that you are understanding what we adoptees go through. Sometimes when I see posts by adoptive parents talking about the joys of adopting, I get triggered. Maybe like a mother who lost a child to a drunk driver gets triggered when she sees people intoxicated or commercials and ads that promote alcohol as a way to have a good time.

People are celebrating the very thing that caused me extreme pain. Certainly, it's not done with the intention of triggering me, but it does. Then, when I try to explain why adoption is viewed by so many as a negative experience I am challenged and told I'm just an angry adoptee. People don't listen, or don't want to listen.

We are shut down and silenced by society, governments, adopters, our adoptive families and sometimes our found familes. You can see why we want our voices heard - we can't be what others want us to be any longer.

If only more people would, like you, make the effort and take the time to listen.
Michelle said…
Congratulations Margie, as always you deserve it!
twicetherice said…
My sincere thanks, Margie. It's encouraging to have you (and your blog) among our allies. Perspectives such as yours are important, as it seems that so many adoptive parents of teen and adult adoptees tend to fall quiet once the kids are grown.
Possum said…
Thanks for much Margie.
I'm touched.
I also learn much from you - and am honoured to have met you here in blog-land!!
Poss. xx
elizabeth said…
Thanks for mentioning me Margie.
Susan said…
Margie - I'm honored to be on your list. Thank you.
Rhonda said…

Thanks for the mention. I'm honored to be included and very thankful for what you do here =)

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