The Unanswerable Question

The conversation over the past week, particularly surrounding Wednesday's Open Mike, "adoption or orphanage," has been a good one. I hope everyone understands that I didn't ask this question expecting simple answers. By asking it as I did I hoped to encourage dialog across polarized points of view. And selfishly, I also hoped I'd find the words to talk about it, because in fact I've avoided doing so - not because I have no opinion, but because I've not wanted the inevitable fallout.

So, what is my opinion: orphanage or adoption? Well, neither and both.

Neither - by working to stop all of the things that separate families. By devoting resources to stopping hunger, disease, war, abduction, enslavement, and abuse. By reforming adoption's injustices.

Both - when the problems exceed our ability to keep each child with his or her family, always ensuring that each child is loved, nurtured, and respected, and always vigilant for the abuses we know exist in each.

Until each and every child in the world is assured of a safe home with his or her family, until we've solved each and every tragedy and challenge that separates children and their parents, until the world's wealth is evenly distributed and each country has the resources to support and nurture its children - we will need to offer our support in one way or another, at least if we want to retain our humanity. Doing nothing is not an option.

No real answer, I know, but it's the best I can do for this unanswerable question.


Elizabeth said…
I agree it is the unanswerable question. But we live from a far from perfect world. IMO it's not supposed to be perfect, it's supposed to make you cry and laugh and stretch and grow, otherwise what would be the point? Glad I found you, I'll be back.
Swerl said…
Third Mom:

I neglected to let you know I responded to our previous conversation on my blog. I welcome your thoughts:

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