The circle of blogdom

Does anyone else get the sense that blogland is like a Venn diagram, with circles that interconnect and overlap and lead you further and further away from where you started, only to bring you back again?

Meeting new people is part of the fun of blogging. But for all the size of the internet, the online adoption community is still pretty small. And when a favorite slows down or stops, it's disappointing, sad even.

It happened to me when Twice the Rice went on hiatus, and then again when she stopped. I really miss Ji-In's voice!

And it happened again when Claud stopped writing. Claud is an inspiration - to act, to DO something to change adoption injustice. Go over there, take a look at what Claud is working on right now - and be inspired to roll up your sleeves.

It happened once more when Kim decided to close her blog. It was around the time when my family was in the middle of our end-of-school nightmare and I honestly wasn't reading anyone. But the other day I stopped by Kim's in the hope of a new post - and there wasn't just one, there were many, dating back to the summer. And then today - this. The wisdom and strength in this post is humbling. I am so grateful to hear Kim's voice again.

See? Going in circles can be a very good thing.


suz said…
i was missing claud something fierce. so glad she is back!
Margie said…
Me, too - and I hope you don't go getting any hiatus ideas!!!
Babbie said…
I think I just proved that one to both of us! I just read your comment on my blog, The Past Is Not Over, about Upson School. I left after second grade,in 1950, by the way, but that year will always stick with me. My teacher was an artist and our classroom was always filled with art projects. I was also a full grade ahead of my peers when I entered school in Charleston. The world is smaller than we think!

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