Recharged at the Adoption Ethics Conference

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Paragraphein said…

You are amazing.

Ok not sure why I'm telling you that, it's just what comes to mind after meeting you. Always knew you were amazing, but... don't know. You are as gracious, measured, thoughtful, and unselfish in person as you are in your writing... and that in itself is amazing.

Anyway. It was an honor to meet you. Truly.

Thank you for your report. There IS so much to do... so, so much. There's a hard road ahead. It is not a fair fight, not even close to it. But--and maybe this is naive and idealistic, but it's really how I feel--but I believe in the end ethics and reform will win out. We will win out. Because we have the truth; we have just plain common sense; and we have personal passion (always a stronger force than lust for money, at the end of the day, IMO) on our side.

Oh for heaven's sake this probably sounds like a cross between a motivational speech and a Hallmark card, but whatever. If it's cheesy or naive or overly idealistic, so be it--it's what I believe. We'll win out. We will.
suz said…
Love Nicoles comment. Agreed completely. Great post from you. Want to read more! I know you, like me, have lots swirling and it will take days, weeks to all bubble to the surface. But yeah, good conference with LOTS to do. Lets not lose the momentum.
AdoptAuthor said…
I echo your thoughts. For me, one of the highlights was getting to meet, in the flesh, real live adoptive parents such as yourself, and Richard Boas, to whom I had awarded the First Annual Family Preservation Award for his work with Korean mothers... and David and Desiree Smolin whose groundbreaking work in ethical global child trafficking is gaining attention and making necessary changes and will continue to.

I agree "To some it's an ideal worth working toward - to others just a waste of time"....and to others "a tool" for themselves...or just empty words. EVERYONE touts the "best interest of chidlren" - even the sleaziest of baby brokers! Words are meaningless. We are judged by our actions.

Adoptive parents, like those mentioned, and Elizabeth Larsen, who's article I just read in Mother Jones (Nov/Dec)...the ones who admit it might not have been such a "noble" rescue mission after all ...the ones who truly feel the pain they caused another by taking a child from his/her family...
THEY...YOU, Marge...are making the REAL DIFFERENCE!!

Your voices need to continue to be heard to dispel the "win-win" myth of adoption, along with the voices of mothers and adoptees. We cannot be silenced.

Each person approaching adoption must decide to either be part of the problem or part of the solution!

People like you - and this conference - provide those starting the journey a compass and a road map -- and the choice to do what is REALLY right, or to keep going down the prim rose path with rose colored glasses on!
Kahlan said…
Oh, how I wish I could have attended. Thank you for sharing, Margie.
Kohana said…
Like salt in a wound...I wanted to go so badly! No really, thanks for the report.
mama2roo said…
I was SOO happy to have met you Margie! You just ooze enthusiasm, energy and positivity! I'm interested in reading more about your view of the conference because I know we were all in different places at different times throughout the few days.

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