The Girl and I are in Adoption Today

The Girl and I are both in this month's edition of Adoption Today - not as mom and daughter, but as independent contributors.

I loved working with my good friends Mark Hagland and Terra Trevor on our article Six Things Your Adopted Child is Thinking . . . But Will Never Tell You. You can read the article online here - we're on page 46 (also on page 46 in the print version).

The Girl was one twelve girls who offered their thoughts in the Global Girls - Global Generation Teen Tips column created by Jennifer Bao-Yu Jue-Stueck. It's only in the print version, however - page 50. The Girl had an article in the last Pact newsletter, too. It's good to see her share her thoughts with the world.


Dawn said…
Congratulations to both of you! :D
Paula O. said…
Congrats to both you and Mara!

I think it's awesome that Mara's voice is out there; the more teenage voices that can be heard, the better. And who knows the potential impact her words and presence could have on a fellow KAD or other adoptee. Very cool, Mara.

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