For shame

This story is beyond appalling: Outcry as Dutch diplomat disposes of adopted 7-year old

Quoting from the article,
According to the Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post, the diplomatic couple handed the child over to Child Protection Officers in Hong Kong because she had difficulty adapting to family life in the Dutch style.
"Difficulty adapting to family life in the Dutch style?" I hope that this is untrue, because if it is, it says a million things that are wrong about intercountry adoption - and if a diplomat is able to do such a thing, it tells me that those with the power to put it right are woefully out of touch with reality.

My heart goes out to this little girl. Although she has Korean citizenship, because her diplomat a-parents failed to gain Dutch citizenship for her, she speaks no Korean. I don't know what the best course of action will be for her, but I pray she finds better protectors than she found in her adoptive family.


Michelle said…
One thing that always amazes me about these types of stories (when an adoptee is given away by the adopters) is that no one suggests finding the mother/parents of the adoptee. Wouldn't this be the time to locate her mother and see if there's a chance she can be returned to her? Why send her to more non-relatives if it's not necessary? More than likely the mother never wanted to surrender her in the first place. But they should at least try to see if it's possible.
Anonymous said…
At times like this, it seems to me to be more important than ever to spread the word about resources like the exercise "What are you willing to do?"

Celera said…
Well, this is really a comment on your later post about taking a break. I didn't see any way to contact you directly or leave a comment on that post.

I do hope you will be back, I've really enjoyed reading your thoughts from the perspective of an adoptive mother who actually values her kids as individuals with a heritage that is different from your own. You are a lovely person and a wonderful advocate. I hope you might still stop by my blog at times, or send me an email (you can do that from my blog at

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