Judy, Judy, Judy!

Ha, you think I'm quoting Cary Grant, but he never said that. In Angels Have Wings, he said "Oh, Judy" and "Come on, Judy," but that's it.

No, I MET Judy!! Ah, what a treat!!! She is absolutely adorable, so sharp and cute. Hilariously witty, she has the kind of sense of humor I envy and adore. Much like Third Dad, who I think is one of the funniest people on the planet. Most of all, though, Judy is without a doubt a WYSIWYG - "what you see is what you get," she is honest and open and generous. And let me tell you, Judy gives the best hugs around, you should be giving lessons, J. You made me feel very special that day with just one hug.

We talked about all kinds of things - work, family, holidays, growing up, and yes, the C word. Judy is facing so much right now, I honestly don't know how she made the trek up from her home to our meeting place, and I hope getting away and having the chance to meet did good. It did for me, and I hope we have the opportunity to do it again next time I'm up north.

She loved the bracelet we made for her, as you can see! Many thanks to everyone who joined in - you guys are great! Judy, wear it with the knowledge that we're all here with you evicting the bitch!!

J, you may not remember this, but some months ago I was pretty down about something, and the most adorable picture popped into my email from you and Nate - it meant a lot to me then and still does. You're in my thoughts (I'm visualizing HEALTH!!!) and prayers. I and all your online friends are here for you - just as you have always been there for us. Smooches!!


Judy said…
Oh my, it did me a world of good. Like I said, the best medicine in the world.

Thanks so much, Margie. That's a day that I'll hold in my memories as a real treasure. Thinking about it brightens me up, and the bracelet is like a touchstone for me. What a wonderful time that was. :)

Funny what you said about my hugs. I told Frank the same thing about yours; that you give great hugs. :)
Suz Bednarz said…
Love the summary. Love the photos. Hmm, I need to check but I think you wore the same sweater when we met. LOL. Or do you were red often? Hugs to you both.
kimkim said…
Great photo! You both are so utterly adorable. I want to meet you too!!

Me too! I want to meet both of you AND kim.kim and Suz.

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