Listen to the voices

... of the adoptees ...

Read Craig Hickman's letter to the Wisconsin bureaucracy that responded to his request for his birth records. It is brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Many thanks to Marley for posting it. And if you don't have Craig Hickman's blog bookmarked, do.

... and the mothers ...

THE ADOPTION SHOW: Voices Ending the Myth

Sunday December 9, 2007 9:00 PM EST

Origins-USA Study
Mothers' Voices: Surrender Experiences and Long-Term Effects

Guest Speaker: Bernadette Wright

Bernadette Wright is a mother who lost her only child, a son who she named Sebastian, to a grey market baby broker in 1990, when she was 19. She has not seen or known anything about her son since he was taken from the hospital at two days old. Bernadette is passionate about working to prevent other families from being unnecessarily separated. She is the President of Origins-USA, a national organization devoted to promoting family preservation and advocating for people separated by adoption. Bernadette holds a PhD. in Public Policy and works professionally at a consulting firm, providing research on how to improve the system for people with disabilities who need supportive services. She lives in Fairfax, Virginia with her partner Don and her cat Veronica.


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