Ethica's great new blog!

Ethica has a new blog - The Ethica Blog: A Voice for Ethical Adoption. It's a great place for everyone interested in ethical adoption to come together, publicize activities and events, discuss the issues, and network.

After the ethics conference in October I found myself wishing there was a central online location where those who wanted to continue the dialog started there could do that. I was thrilled when Linh Song, Ethica's Executive Director, announced the blog several weeks ago. And I'm even more excited to see it up and running!

Be sure to add The Ethica Blog to your blogroll, and spread the word!

Speaking of the ethics conference: audio CDs of conference panels, workgroups, and the Guatemala Forum are available here!


Andie D. said…
I never knew about Ethica's blog - thank you!

Heck, I didn't even know there was and ethics conference. Ethics are what current adoption practices need, badly!
Heather said…
That is great! Thank you for spreading the news!!!
Suz Bednarz said…
thanks for the heads up. i joined and added you so add me back woman!
hugs and happy new year. i want to visit with you again!
Anonymous said…
speaking of good blogs, my online friend and adoptive mother has a GREAT post here:

I though you would like it Margie!

Ryan (forgot my user ID... hence the "anonymous" log in)
Hey! i joined last night and linked to you!! I'm under the Adoptee Rights Demonstration as my alias... tee hee! Thanks Margie for everything you do, you give me so much hope, you have no idea.

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