Let me ask it another way

My last post talked a little about some of that activities I am up to in real life (which is why I haven't been able to post this week), and at the end I asked for you all to share what it is that you're doing in the adoption community. Now, I KNOW that many of you are doing incredible work, in your real-life and online adoption communities.

I really do want to hear about it, and I know others will, too. So please - toot your own horns!! Tell us what you're doing, why you're doing it, and how we can join in if we'd like. Share!!


mama2roo said…
I am doing small things--
I READ READ READ, not just blogs, but lots of different materials (mags, academic, etc) to really try to get the best feel from what each side goes through, though I can never really know, I can try.

I am beginning to try to talk more about our adoption and some of the external workings of it to my family and friends as I have opportunity. They are so uncomfortable with it and I tend to avoid it because of that, but see that it will only do Woob disservice if everyone in his life acts like his birthfamily doesn't exist.

I am trying to make a difference in my workplace/with clients by continually exploring with them in the family prep/home study work, their feelings related to adoption, birth families, adoptees (child and adult) and the true impact of adoption on everyone involved. Again, I will never be able to paint an accurate picture of this, but I can try to be as balanced and honest as I can be so that families have the best chance of working through adoption issues now and in the future, and aren't blindsided by the hurdles that will inevitably occur. And I can point them in the direction of wiser people than I to get better information.
imtina said…
I support a missionary group who go to Kyrgyzstan who give back some dignity to the poorest of the poor there - the elderly and the children living in orphanages. They are a Christian group, but they go over not to convert, as it is a Muslim country. This organization goes and buys property and converts the buildings into habitable places for people who were homeless. They go to orphanages with much needed supplies, food, medicine and toys.

They are about ready to go in a few weeks during the coldest part of the year there. You can find them at http://actofkindness.blogspot.com/

Besides that, as mama said, reading is key. Also, really listening in blogland. I am commited to listening to all points of view on adoption, because there is not One Truth that any one of us is privvy to.

Those are the most meaningful things I do in making a difference in the adoption community. I hope to do more in the future.
MichelleSussman said…
I'm a journalist and an a-mom. I write articles on adoption and I'm writing a book on international adoption! I'm hoping my book will help families understand more than just the mechanics of international adoption.

If anyone wants info, they can contact me at www.michellesussman.com.
Paragraphein said…
I'm ignoring adoption right now and focusing on mental health reform.

We're getting our local mental health advocacy and education organization involved in putting together the local government's mental health plan. =)
skomlofske said…
I've been involved with an organization called Gift of Adoption Fund since 2001. We give grants to parents seeking to adopt but having trouble coming up with the funds to complete their adoptions and bring their children home. It has been the most rewarding and wonderful work I have ever done. I can't imagine money standing in the way of my daughter coming home. Our grantees are great parents, and their children are well cared for and deeply loved. Feel free to learn more about Gift of Adoption Fund at www.giftofadoption.org. There are many ways to get involved!

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