Heartsick: Namdaemun Fire

Instead of writing about the wonderful time I had at KF's Lunar New Year celebration, I'm heartsick to share this.

If you have been to Seoul, you've undoubtedly seen Namdaemun - Great South Gate, South Korea's National Treasure Number 1. I'm stunned to report that it has been lost to fire, burned completely to the stone base. Arson is suspected, and at least one suspect has been caught.

More here at Chosun Ilbo, Joong Ang Ilbo, The Korea Times, and BBC News. A video of the fire is here on CNN International.

Updated 2/11: There are photos of the blaze in progress here at pwalk's photos on flickr, and a number of YouTube videos up, too - start here. More articles and photos at Associated Press, the Guardian, and the New York Times.

My heart goes out to the Korean people, who are undoubtedly crushed by the loss of this important cultural treasure and national symbol.


Seoul Siblings said…
I read this earlier. I am so glad that Jeff and I were able to see this beautiful historic landmark while we were in Seoul in November 2007. I'm so saddened with the loss of the landmark.
Judy said…
Oh, that's so sad.
abebech said…
Oh my. How awful.

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