Missing everyone!

I know I've been absent. Life has simply gotten in the way. Work, taking care of Mom after knee-replacement surgery (she's doing great), The Boy coming home, a conference on North Korean human rights (oh, friends, what is happening there is unimaginable), KAC-DC meeting, a wedding this weekend - ah, all of that in just two weeks. I'm exhausted.

There is so much I want to write, so many things swirling in my head. One thought in particular is largely responsible for a sense of “adoption paralysis” that’s gripped me recently, so I’m working on a post that will attack it, and hopefully wrestle it to the ground.

In the meantime, read the Paula Benoit story and take heart that someone with more political power than you and I probably have is speaking out about open records. I missed the poll and can’t find the results – does anyone know?

And now a plea - I'm unplugged, help plug me back in!! What has been going on? What’s new? What good things have happened? What’s bugging you? What should I read first? What actions need immediate attention? What new blogs are out there?

I miss you all!


imtina said…
You're awesome Margie. Just wanted to say that. Thanks for lending your voice to stand against the ugliness yesterday.

Heather said…
You were named on a Top 50 Adoption Blogs list. :)
Margie said…
Hey, thanks for letting me know, Heather, good to see you!

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