Challenges for the new Korean registry system

Interesting article in the Hankyoreh on challenges with the new Korean family registry system that went into effect this year. The complexity of relationships created through divorce and adoption were apparently not considered in sufficient detail prior the change, and families are finding that the records do not always reflect their makeup. Additionally, a requirement to include the date of abandonment on an orphaned child's record appears to create a defacto family head, precisely what the new system was supposed to avoid. Nothing in this article speaks to the effect of the new system on women in single-parent families, but two articles in JoongAng from last January, Single Single moms challenge past ways, and The new system recognizes women’s rights and non-traditional families give a good overview of the kinds of changes women were hoping the new system would bring. By no means are those changes universally welcomed, thought, and there appears to be support for further revisions to change the system yet again to bring it back into line with older traditions.


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