I don't deserve this

Seriously, I DON'T deserve this. Tina, who DOES, has included me in her list of bloggers who make the world a better place. Well, I sure don't know about that - but I do know a whole bunch of bloggers who really meet the requirements, so I'm passing it on.

Gang Shik's The Transracial Korean Adoptee Nexus and Jae Ran's Harlow's Monkey provide more information on the Korean adoption experience than any other websites I know. I know from my lame blogging efforts how hard it is to keep up with the news. Gang Shik and Jae Ran do a spectacular job of that, and provide a tremendous service to the adoption community in the process.

Nicole of Paragraphein, Jenna of The Chronicles of Munchkinland (and several other blogs), and Suz of Writing My Wrongs are three incredibly strong and committed women. They write about the experience of losing a child to adoption with raw honesty, and teach us much in the process. They write, I read, and I am humbled. And I learn.

Voices for Vietnam Adoption Integrity is the collaborative effort of three adoptive moms who aren't just talking about ethical adoption, they're doing something about it. You may know the three founders, Nicki, Christina and Rachel, from their other blogs: Stepping on Legos; Mrs. Broccoli Guy and Cambodia Adoption Connection; and Are We There Yet? Voices for Vietnam Adoption Integrity has become a gathering place for anyone interested in transparency in adoption from Vietnam and Cambodia. It's also a great model for the rest of us to follow.

Carmen Van Kerckhove has committed herself to fighting racism. She does it in a number of ways: She coordinates and writes Racialicious, Anti-Racist Parent, and Race in the Workplace; she is the president of New Demographic, a firm that provides resources for learning about race and racism; she hosts the podcast Addicted to Race; and she guest blogs and writes all over the place. When I think about people who are fighting racism, Carmen is always at the top of my list.

My hat is off to all of these bloggers, and my thanks go to Tina for thinking of me.


Christina said…
You are so kind to include us in this list of incredible and extraordinary bloggers. Thank you. And know that your blog was and continues to be an inspiration to me - you truly are a role model for all us 'new' APs.
suz said…
As always, thank you. It is tough, I admit but I have to do it. There is little I can do at this point for my daughter or myself. There is a GREAT deal I can do to help others from suffering this fate worse than death.

Thank you again.
Thanks so much for your support, Margie. (And sorry for going MIA last night on IM!)
imtina said…
I just love ya Margie! And, of course you deserve this. You are amazing.

Margie said…
Back at ya, Tina - thanks again. And kudos to everyone I called out. You all are great!!
Anonymous said…
You do deserve it!

Lauren said…
Hi Margie,

I disagree with you (not something I often say or think)...you do deserve this recognition. You are a caring and realistic voice in the adoption community and you have the courage to tackle difficult issues head on. You're kind of a conduit us. I never would have found Harlow's Monkey or Writing my Wrongs as they don't come up on the typical list of resources for APs (or soon to be APs). These resources, and many others found on your blogs, have been invaluable to both me and to my family/friends as we prepare for our adoption.

Thanks so much for sharing all that you do!


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