Pull out the stops for Julia

Friends, we need a miracle, we need it bad, and we need it now.

Those of you who know Julia know that she is struggling desperately at the moment in her battle with leukemia. I don't think I truly understood the seriousness of her illness until the past couple of days, during which her friend John provided updates of the perilousness of her condition.

It scares me. And if it scares me, I don't know how Julia and John are handling the challenge. But they are, and if you visit Julia's blog post for today, you'll see that they are asking for us to laugh, and gave us something to laugh at, too.

Julia, John, I'm holding you both in my heart and ask everyone who reads here to do the same. I'm praying for a miracle, period.


Judy said…
Amen to that, Margie!
Jaded Seoul said…
I also had no idea that she was in such a serious condition.

Thoughts and prayers going out to both her and John at this time!
Seoul Siblings said…
I've been keeping up with her blog as much as I can...hard to do with the little ones. Thanks for posting this.

Thinking about her and John and praying for them as well.

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