Remembering Cindy Jordan, Mother

A young mother took her life this day in 2004. Her memorial website explains that she entered into an adoption with a couple who promised openness, but reneged on their promise. The mother suffered profound grief; the adoptive mother went on to write a book that described how to adopt quickly, including tips for gaining the confidence of potential “birthmothers.” The mother saw the book, and realized how she had been used. This devastation compounded her sorrow, and was ultimately too much to bear. The young mother took her life.

This single example of the depth of a woman’s grief on losing her child to adoption should compel all a-parents to consider their moral obligations to their children’s first families very carefully. The fact that Cindy is by no means alone should send us all screaming to our legislatures for adoption reform, including the legal enforceability of open adoption agreements. It should also give us the guts to call bullsh*t when we see it, and any book that teaches prospective adoptive parents how to “fast track” adoption, as the adoptive mother's book does, is just that.

Think of Cindy Jordan today. Remember a woman who had a child, lost a child, and lost herself. And never forget.


Anonymous said…
Thank you for this post.

Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing Cindy's story. For her family left behind, and so that one day her daughter may read the truth of how much her mama was loved.


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