Support the Adoptee Rights Demonstration

You may or may not be aware of the Adoptee Rights Demonstration that is being planned for July 22nd in New Orleans, LA. If you aren't, I've just given you guilty knowledge. And now that you have it, I'm asking you to support the cause and spread the word.

The ARD is a one-day demonstration that will coincide by design with the National Conference of State Legislatures' Annual Meeting. The NCSL is the national organization of state lawmakers, who today in the U.S. hold adoptee rights in their hands. The protest's goal is to have representation from every one of the 50 states, which will demonstrate to them that the issue of adoptee rights transcends those of the state. Hopefully every one of the lawmakers who attends this conference will go away with the knowledge that this is a human and civil rights issue.

Go visit the Adoptee Rights website, too - it's loaded with good information. Two items stand out: the state-by-state chart giving a high-level overview of an adoptee's rights in each state, and the draft of a Charter of Adoptee Rights that ties back to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that every adoptee should comment on.

I'm asking every adoptive parent who reads here to put some skin in this game. But don't it for me; do it for your sons and daughters.
  1. Go over to Adoptee Rights and make a donation.
  2. Look for your state on the list of states that will be represented at the protest, and if it's not listed, start beating the bushes for representatives. Or plan on going yourself if you can!
  3. Grab the badge in this post or anywhere else you see it, and add it to your sidebar with a link to the demonstration page.
The Adoptee Rights Demonstration has the potential for getting the attention of the state legislatures and the media in a way that's seldom possible. We want to make sure that when the lawmakers and reporters start searching for information about the demonstration, a gazillion online votes of support flood their computer screens. We also want to show that there's broad-based support for adoptee rights: from adoptees, certainly, but also from adoptive parents, first parents, people working in adoption, and the general public.


Oh wow. THANK YOU. Thank you!!

There is so much that I'll be uploading in the next few days and weeks. We're launching a public writing campaign to all of the legislatures on our mailing list for everyone to inform the leggies of our issues and what we'll be pushing at the Legislatures conference.

Today I made a Public service annoucement that we'll have our state volunteers send out to radio stations during the writing campaign.

We've applied for the Exhibitors booth inside the legislatures conference and we're awaiting on approval ( expected THIS WEEK.) The Exhibitors booth will give us floor time and one on one time w/ the legislatures and an expected 999 other exhibitors and their booths.

There is SO MUCH that we are doing and it really is increasing each day.

We are getting a parade permit and the city of new orleans will be shutting down the streets for our protest so that we don't conflict w/ traffic. We'll have police escorts on every corner which IS SOO COOL.

If anyone has ANY questions they can contact me on I check all comments daily and email daily as well.

THANK YOU ThirdMom, your support is healing, beautiful and I will never forget it.
Thank you!! Margie are you coming? Say yes say yes say yes say yes
Margie said…
Hi, Theresa, boy I want to come, but the KAAN conference is a couple of days before and I don't know if I can get extra leave. I'm scoping out possibilities and will let you know if things fall into place.

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