Why is the spring so busy?

Well, no writing for me this weekend. Thanks to a window of great weather yesterday, I finally got into my yard and raked a winter's worth of debris and dead leaves. If we could get our grass to grow, it would look pretty darned good.

We were also busy getting Third Dad ready for a trip to Germany to visit his family. I feel so bad for him - his connector out of DC was delayed, which made him miss his flight to Germany. Northwest put him on an Air France flight through Paris, during which they lost his luggage.

I have to ask: What is the freaking purpose of barcoding luggage when the first thing they tell you when they lose it is that they have no idea where it is???

And given that it's Air France, if they find his bag just hanging around somewhere it could be lost forever. Last time Third Dad flew Air France to Europe, some poor guy left his briefcase unattended for a couple of minutes and an armed bomb squad ran it out of the terminal and blew it up on the tarmac.

On a positive note, they gave him a toothbrush.

Really, I'd rather have a root canal than fly anywhere these days.


Erin said…
I am with you on the flying! WE have to fly on thursday with two adults, one toddler, four suitcases a carseat and a stroller.

I'm NOT looking forward to that! In any way.

We also leave our house at four thirty in the morning.


Thankfully we aren't flying American. Last time we flew American they lost our luggage, cancelled our transfer, and we had gotten three seats, since the bee was only six months old and liked her carseat a lot. All three seats were scattered across the plane. They didn't have our SIX month old sitting with either of their parents, and they told us it wasn't their problem we would have to try and work it out with other passengers!

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