For my sisters

I've been catching up on my blogroll the past few days, and have been struck by the number of people who are struggling with the relationships adoption has given them. So many mothers and adoptees trying to each find other, rejecting each other, or learning to know each other once found. Adoption is a complicated life to live.

Endless loss. It's one of the very first things that struck me when I started blogging. So many stories, and so much loss.

Adoption loss is painful to witness any time of the year, but takes on a special poignancy around mother's day. I don't believe it's possible for someone who hasn't experienced it to know what it feels like to spend mother's day without a child or mother you long to know. We who view adoption from the other side of that loss can only stand by and offer platitudes, our cyber-hugs and cyber-support, which all ring hollow in the face of that pain.

I know that many of you I call my friends - mothers and adoptees both - will spend this weekend in sadness. Whether you pretend this weekend is like any other to keep it together or succumb to your grief - you're my sisters. This mother's day weekend, I'm holding each of you very close.


Yoli said…
Margie, wishing you a Happy Mother's Day.
spyderkl said…
*hugs* Happy Mother's Day, Margie.
Kahlan said…
Ditto to all you said.
Michelle said…
Happy Mother's Day to one of my favorite mom's!
Seoul Siblings said…
I hope that you had a Happy Mother's Day. My 2 oldest kids thought about their 2 mothers in Korea. And I did too.

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