Happy Birthdays!

Birthday greetings - on time and belated:

To Julia, whose birthday is today: Happy Birthday, Julia! Demand cake!!!

To Judy, whose birthday was April 22 and I managed to miss it (*hangs head in shame and frustration that I read the post BEFORE and the post AFTER and missed the one THE DAY OF - arghh*): Happy Belated Birthday, Judy! I hope it was filled with all good things, especially margaritas.

Any other birthdays out there? If so, Happy Birthday to you all, too! I say let's party!


suz said…
June 2.
I will take the greeting now though.
Margie said…
Woo hoo, happy upcoming birthday!! Margaritas all around!!
Judy said…
No need to hang your head in shame, silly!

But thank you for this!

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