Lucky stones

Sang-Shil has a beautiful tribute to Julia up that brought back some wonderful memories, of Korea and of something I used to do as a kid. I grew up outside of Cleveland, and for many years Lake Erie was my backyard, in Mentor-on-the-Lake. Cleveland and the lake get a bum rap, because I have to tell you it was fun to grow up there. Yes, looking back I can see just how un-diverse it was, and I couldn't live there now, but as a kid - there's nothing like having an entire lake as your own personal playground.

I always loved walking the beach, too, looking for pebbles and other interesting stuff. Even now, when an interesting stone catches my eye I put it in my pocket and take it home. I once took a trip with my mom to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where she grew up, and brought back two souvenirs: two six-packs of beer from the Big Buck Brewery in Gaylord, Michigan, and a bag of river rocks from Eagle River. This was pre-9/11 and I got through, but I sure did get some strange looks. Probably deserved, as I had the kids in tow.

So when we had nothing else to do as as kids, my friends and I would stroll the beach looking for the pebbles and beach glass, all buffed smooth by the lake and sand. If you could find something other than brown stones and glass, it was a good day. For me, Coke-bottle green was a treasure, cobalt blue, too. It was also a good day if you could find a lucky stone - a small, smooth white stone that we believed would bring us luck.

When I read Sang-Shil's post, those memories came back, and I dug out the lucky stones from my bag of rocks. They're in a place of honor now, not quite in a stupa because I couldn't get them to stand up in a tower, but nonetheless near our beautiful kwanyin. They will stay there and be a prayer that Julia and Judy are healed, completely healed. I hope they bring you luck, my dears!

Pray hard for Julia right now, my friends, very, very hard.


Judy said…
I too loved Sang-Shil's post, I love your sentiments, and I am praying very hard for Julia.

Thank you for including me also, but right now, yes, we must focus on Julia.
Randy Agno said…
Hello my name is Randy Agno and I am an author of a Book Called "God's Hand". A story of a young boys life. I too was introduced to Ohio and Lake Erie about 5 years ago by my second wife who now is on her own and my two girls and I still share the wonderful moments on the shores of Lake Erie from the beach of Mitawanga each summer. We collect beach glass and lucky stones a stone which is made of a bone behind the eye of the Walleye Fish that wash up onto shore and that get put back into the earth. We love taking the time to look for lucky stones. My daughters found a total of about 30 lucky stones last summer 08. Thank you and good luck, buy my book and share it with your family.

Randy Agno

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