My daily 한복

Any of you ladies who love fashion must check out Lee Young Hee's website. She comes to DC from time to time and shows her work, and I was able to attend year before last. I was completely blown away. Great pictures of one of her shows are here.

Julia, I'm picturing you in one of Lee Young Hee's hanbok, and you are beautiful! Huge hugs to you and Judy today!


LilySea said…
Thanks for the yummy fashion fix! You really should have warned me about GW Bush in powder blue silk though.
Judy said…
Beautiful theme!
Mia said…
I LOVE the new artist's themes too.
Margie said…
Shannon, you have to tell me where you saw that!!!

And Mia, yeah, these are cool. I've got two iGoogle pages, one for the blog email address and one for my personal email. I've got the hanbok on thirdmom, and Dale Chihuly on the other. I love his work. There are so many good ones, though, I'll have to change from time to time.

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