Dance like no one's watching

I LOVE this!

More of Matt's experiences in Korea are on his blog, along with his impressions of the gazillion other places he visited, too. Past dancing videos are here.


suz said…
I havent followed Matt in a while but every time I do it makes me laugh and smile. So awesome.
Kohana said…
That's great! I especially like him at the DMZ! You'd think though, with all that experience, he's pick up some better moves! ;) Thanks for sharing.
winterskeeper said…
wow! I am inspired and awed. thanks for sharing that - I must pass it on.
Judy said…
I LOVE Matt! Always makes me smile big!!!! :D
holy cow Margie, you just MADE MY DAY. It reminded me a bit of the Free Hugs guy.

What I want to know is how does he get the money to travel to all these places??

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