Human nature

Two weeks ago today, just a few hours earlier, I was on the phone with Julia. The past couple of weeks have a surreal quality; I still haven't fully grasped her loss. I look for her to come online when I'm in email or facebook. When one of the kids sent a text message the other day, there was a split second when I thought it might be her. Intellectually I know it won't happen, but emotionally I keep hoping. Human nature, I guess.

It's human nature, too, to seek out others who share the difficult experiences we face. Who better to support us than those who are facing the same challenges and feeling the same pain?

Mutual support is synergistic, and can grow beyond the simple act of asking for, giving and receiving help. Consider the new blog Mothers with Cancer: We are sixteen moms fighting cancer. Some of us have been in remission for years; others are newly diagnosed, or battling a new recurrence. All of us have something to say. Sixteen women, once alone with their diagnoses, found each other, and now are sharing their experiences so ever more women can find them, and find support. One of those sixteen women is our Judy, whose introductory post is here.

The sharing and telling and supporting going on at Mothers with Cancer is human nature at its best. It's salve for my sad soul.


Ansley said…
Antoher reason I'm so thankful for your kindred voice!
Judy said…
Thanks for the shout-out for Mothers With Cancer. :)
toddlerplanet said…
Thank you. I only just discovered Julia through Judy's post, and I am so sorry that she has passed on. What a terrible loss, and one which surely the internet will grieve for time to come.

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