In praise of the fighting spirit

It's been another grueling work week, primarly because I had one of the most boring projects that man could devise to torture man on my plate. My brain is therefore cooked - there isn't an erudite thought to be found.

But there is this.

My online world is filled with people fighting the good fight. Some of you are fighting disease, others the pain of your past. Some of you are fighting for your identity. And still others are fighting injustices of all kinds.

You fight with words, you fight with actions. You work long hours, you sacrifice your time. You share your experiences, even when they are painful and it causes you more pain to do so. You stand up for what's right.

Some of your fights are public, some of you keep them close to your hearts and let us only see the pain. You fight for your families, your faiths, and your lives.

Losing Julia taught me a valuable lesson about you all. The internet isn't a vast, unconnected wasteland - it's where real people come together to share the battles they are fighting out there in real life, often because real life is unforgiving.

So today I just want to offer my respect to everyone here who's fighting the good fight.

You inspire me.


elizabeth said…
hi - i'd be really grateful if you'd join my website which is a forum for people affected by adoption. i've only just created it but i'd really appreciate any support.
i'm adopted and am searching my brother who was also adopted.
your story has moved me. thanks and good luck xxxxxxxxx
Dawn said…
Thanks for sharing this post Margie! There are many days when I wonder if it is worth it to blog our fight and question if we are making a difference. This post lifted my spirits :)Dawn

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