Who's going to KAAN?

Back from a weekend trip to visit family in Ohio. I love my family, but how does the saying go? Something about fish and relatives? I think you get my drift. It was more stressful than fun, so I’m glad to be back home.

Anyhow, I’ve got something more important to talk about – the KAAN Conference. This year it’s in Chicago, at the Wyndham O'Hare Hotel from July 18th through the 20th. There are sessions on all kinds of topics, many tailored to a specific audience: adult adoptees, kids and teens, adoptive parents, and college-aged adoptees. Books for sale, movies, entertainment and great camaraderie round it out.

The KAAN Conference is remarkable, too, for the very fact that it’s still happening ten years after the first conference took place in Los Angeles. Fundraising for a conference like this is no small feat, which is why two authors need a shout-out: Terra Trevor, author of Pushing Up the Sky, and Chris Winston, author of A Euro-American on a Korean Tour at a Thai Restaurant in China. Both Chris and Terra donate the proceeds from their books to KAAN, which no doubt contributes to the conference’s durability. Although both books are available on Amazon.com, I learned recently that Terra’s is out of stock. If you are planning on reading it, please don’t wait – you can order it, and Chris’s book, too, directly from KAAN.

So who’s going? It would be great fun to meet some fellow bloggers there!


suz said…
Can I go? I wanna go! Mainly cuz it is Chicago and second you will be there.


Is it only for those involved in Korean adoption?
Margie said…
Hey there!!

The focus is Korean adoption, but everyone's welcome. Oooo, come!!!!
You were in Ohio visiting relatives? So was I!!

We keep missing each other!
Anonymous said…
I am looking forward to seeing you at KAAN. You are the smiling face at registration who welcomes me :)
KAAN has meant so much to my family. My girls are grown now but still love KAAN. One will be with me but the other can't make it but will be with us in spirit.I continue to learn at KAAN and love the sessions but must confess I love our adoptive parent session in the hotel bar too LOL
Margie said…
Susan, get OUT of here!! I can't believe it!

And I bet I know who you are Anon ;)
Seoul Siblings said…
Oh I wish that Jeff and I could. I so hoped we could after enjoying KAAN so much last year in Boston. It was wonderful learning from the adult adoptees during that Q&A session, listening to a First Mom talk about her experiences, and so much more. I hope that we can attend future conferences.

Kelly said…
Thank you so much for this blog. We have 4 daughters, one of whom is disabled child, and have unexpectedly been told about a possible little boy who is similarly disabled in Ilsan. Your insight and thoughts are definitely something all perspective adoptive parents should take into consideration.
LilySea said…
Rats. That's the weekend of my twentieth HS reunion and I will be in Kansas City.

Was hoping to see you!

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