Adoptee Rights Kudos

Read Gershom's account of the July 22 - 23 Adoptee Rights Demonstration protest in New Orleans here. Excellent job!!

The New Orleans Times-Picayune picked up the story, too. Although I was disappointed to see that the NCFA managed to worm in a quote, I was heartened to see that it came very close to the end of the article, after several quotes by adoptees, including Michelle Edmunds.

As always, the NCFA fell back on "guarantees of birthmother confidentiality" as a compelling reason to keep records closed. However, the act of relinquishment doesn't guarantee confidentiality to any woman; a child relinquished but never adopted (for example, raised in foster care) will have access to his or her original birth records upon reaching the age of majority. It's only adoptees who are singled out as a risk to their mother's privacy, for which they are punished with the loss of their identities.

This argument becomes even more obnoxious when viewed from the point of view of surrendering mothers. The majority receive no promises of any kind whatsoever - save, perhaps, false promises of open adoption that can be easily rescinded since they have no legal guarantees.

This argument makes no logical or legal sense, yet the NCFA pulls it out at every possible turn. It baffles me that so many legislators still buy it, even when it is thoroughly debunked.

But they do. And so the work continues.

Although this post is focused on the Adoptee Rights Demonstration, please don't forget that organizations like Bastard Nation carry on the work of adoptee rights every single day. If you're not reading BN Executive Director Marley Greiner's blogs The Daily Bastardette and the Adoptee Rights News Blog, you should be.


Thank you so much, your support has been solid and I appreciate it so much. *sniff*
Margie said…
But you and the adoptees working on the demonstration and with BN every single day are actually DOING the work. So back at ya!!

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