Write your legislators - this will help

It's my humble opinion that any effort to open records, stop adoptee deportations, or correct any adoption injustice should be brought to Federal legislators. What better group of legislators to bring adoption issues to than the members of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption?

Well, with many, many thanks to the bundle of energy we know as Theresa, we now have a tool to make that easier: here are the CCA Members in spreadsheet format in Googledocs. Downloadable, searchable, sortable, mail mergeable. Go get your copy now - and if you have trouble with the link, let Theresa or me know.

Whatever the issue, whatever the injustice, this group of legislators should know about it. It is time.


Heather said…
This is great! I've been working on a letter to my representatives based on information from the EACH website about the ICARE and NBC acts. This will help me target them a bit more.

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