I've got a little news flash for YOU, Sarah Palin

Although our party affiliations differ, I watched your acceptance speech tonight, Sarah. I thought I'd offer my reactions, since you say you will be coming here to Washington, where I live, to work on my behalf.

I'm a mom. I'm not a hockey mom, I'm a drama mom and a taekwondo mom - not as cute as you and your fellow pit bulls, lipstick notwithstanding. My children don't have special needs, so I guess you're a better mom than me, too. But Cindy McCain would like me - I'm an adoptive mom, just like her. My children are Korean, though - you know, g**ks. It's not my choice of nicknames, it's John's. Actually, now that I think about it, John probably wouldn't like us after all.

I'm a Democrat. I live in the suburbs. By your definition, I look down on folks in small towns - all of us big city Dems do. But many of us city folks came from somewhere else, and if you trace it back, a whole lot of us started in very small towns. I guess that means we look down on ourselves. My family's small town is Calumet, Michigan - population 879 in the 2000 census. Is that small enough for you? Or do you cross us off your list because we had to move south to Cleveland when the copper mines in Calumet gave out? I apologize that we had food on our list of essentials.

I'm a patriot. I love my country and believe the democratic system of government offers the world the best hope of survival. But I think it will take more than military might to do that - it will take diplomacy and humility and the willingness to acknowledge our own faults. Like racism. Or 40,000,000 Americans without health care. I'm interested in hearing your plans for addressing these, I didn't catch them tonight.

You spoke a lot about John McCain's military service today. Since you claimed his patriotism by association, I'm sure you'll approve of me doing the same. My father served this country with honor during World War II. His unit was the most traveled of the war: they fought as far east as Pilsen and went as far west as Japan with the occupation forces. He was with troops that liberated the concentration camp Flossenberg. He watched his best friend give his life for his fellow soldiers in battle, for which his friend received the Congressional Medal of Honor posthumously for his bravery in that action, and Dad received the Bronze Star. We were very proud of him, although he never spoke about it, never used it to further himself or his career.

My Mom and Dad taught my brothers and me to be honest, to work hard, and to love our family and friends. They taught us to be grateful for the opportunities we've had, and to appreciate our freedom. Family values, don't you agree? But how is this possible from big city Democrats?

You talked loud tonight, Sarah, but you got it all wrong. So I've got a little news flash for you: I'm taking my country back.


maybe said…
I like a strong repsonse! Good work!
winterskeeper said…
Good for you, Margie! I didn't even watch her speech. I didn't want to give her the time or attention. Her views present her as the worst kind of politician: narrow-minded, intolerant, judgmental and self-righteous. She sickens me.
Judy said…
Way to go, Margie!! Your post gave me chills!
Schrandt-O-Rama said…
Brava, Margie!!!
Bdad said…
Good response, I agree there is more to this country than just the republicans. We are Americans and the republicans don't seem to get it. Being a republican doesn't automatically make you one of the chosen few.
Tina said…
I truly disliked her sarcastic tone. The speech she gave really turned me off, while Rudy Giuliani looked like he was sneering and sitting there feeling superior. Smug and sassy falls way short of what you say you are missy Palin. And you're right, you ARE distancing yourself from Bush...you're WAY MORE to the right. Just what we don't need. Oh! But wait...who was it who wrote your speech? Ah....Bush's speech writer...

Take your lipstick and and come back when you're ready for more than tough words with sharp delivery.

Anonymous said…
I hope you don't think that Republicans have the corner on racism...I'm a Korean adoptee and I've had more than my share of racist comments and issues from very liberal people.
Margie said…
Hi, Anon, I definitely don't think that. The white mainstream has a long way to go, no matter how we vote. I may be wrong, but I do believe the Democratic party is more willing acknowledge the problem and put it on the table for discussion.
Nicki said…
::::standing ovation and applause:::::
jeff said…
We live in a strange country.
I think John McCain is not fit to be president and his record as a maverick should be be with a small 'm'.

Did you know he was a legacy boy, that he got into the Navy Academy because of his father.
He graduated at near the bottom of his class and he had and has a reputation for being a hot head. A man with an awful temper.

Palan is a zealot, she is dangerous and it's disgusting how she uses feminism to forward her conservative right wing agenda.

I listened last night and I can see that the Republican party is the party of hate, fear and indifference.

I'm not very happy with the Democrats as I think they have dropped the ball to much.
Witness the last two years. Nancy Pelosi has been a big disappointment.

Anyway give her hell!
h2o_girl said…
YES! Thanks for putting this into your eloquent as usual words, Margie. My sentiments exactly.
chanie said…
listening to her speech, there were so many things that rubbed me the wrong way. thanks for articulating it so well.
Kafir said…
John McCain graduated near the bottom of his class at the Naval Acadmey? How do you know? What were Obama's grades like in college? Oh, you don't know because he won't make them public? Hmm, I wonder why?

I bet Americans of European ancestry who don't have "white guilt" really drive you nuts, heh? I can only imagine the rage that people of color who are conservatives incite in you. What do you think about the racism of Jeremiah Wright and Louis FaraCon?

The Republican Party is the party of hate, fear, and indifference? Is that why the most powerful woman in the world is a black woman who is a Republican? Is that why conservatives give more to charity than so-called "liberals" Jeff? I've read one of Obama's books, and I sense a lot of "hate, fear", and kleptocracy by his words and associations.

Go Sarah! You are a great role model for American women and girls.

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