I'm Standing Up To Cancer

I miss Julia. She's been on my mind a lot recently. It's funny how, when I least expect it, she'll just pop in there. Like the week of nothing but hummus for lunch - I know that was Julia. It still surprises me how close I feel to her in spite of the fact that we knew each other such a short time. It also surprises me how close I feel to the people I've met who were in her life. Funny, I've never met any of them face to face, but they are all as important to me as people I've known for years. There is certainly something rare about a soul that can bring people together in such a way.

I'm rooting for Judy. She's a trooper, our Judy is, she's facing the challenge of serious cancer with incredible strength. Judy's voice in the adoption community has always been clear and true; she is a tremendous advocate for adoptees, first parents and adoptive families. You can imagine what might happen when Judy turns her attention to the challenge at hand: she makes waves, big ones that I know will get a lot people to Stand Up To Cancer.

Stand Up To Cancer is a whole new way of conquering cancer:
Inspired to act by our own personal experiences with cancer, we recognize that we can no longer rely on the current system alone to give us the breakthroughs we need. So, we are calling on the public to help take matters into our own hands, investing in a revolution that will change the way scientist and clinicians work to understand and treat these diseases. Stand Up To Cancer is more than a rallying cry. It is a galvanizing force created to urgently move cancer research forward.
I've never had cancer, but it's presence in my life is frightening. It has pushed its way through the years, knocking down the people I love, sometimes taking them. Aunt Josie, dead before 30 from stomach cancer, leaving Uncle Johnny and three young children. Uncle Johnny, gone at my age from bladder cancer. Uncle Adolph, dead in his 40s from lung and brain cancer. Grandma, who fought thyroid cancer and won. Gisela, R's stepmother, gone in weeks from pancreatic cancer. Michael, just 28 when diagnosed with lymphoma, and cancer-free today. My friend's sister, who in spite of her diagnosis is doing the Breast Cancer 3-Day in Washington, DC in October. Friends who beat cancer. Others who didn't.
No more.
I'm Standing Up To Cancer. I'm donating my dollars because SU2C is giving me hope that we will indeed find a cure, and in my lifetime. I'll be watching The Show on Friday, 8 PM on all three major networks. I hope you'll be watching, too.
I've told the story of how I've been touched by cancer through the loss of my friend MG on The Stand. I've launched three stars into The Constellation: for her, for my cousin, and for Julia. You'll Julia's start by searching on first name Julia Ji-Hye. Judy has a star there, too - search for Judy Kooistra. Please add a message to both.
I also had my annual check-up the day before yesterday - perfect timing, I think - and am scheduled for a mammogram next week. If you are behind in any of your annual cancer screens, pick up the phone today and make the appointment. Do it for your family and friends, and for yourself.
This is where the end of cancer begins: when we unite in one unstoppable movement and Stand Up To Cancer.
Here are friends who are Standing Up To Cancer with me. Leave a comment with the link to your Stand or send it in an email, and I'll add you. Thanks, Jenna, for this great idea.


Judy said…
I didn't know I had a star. Seeing it just made me snot all over myself, and just when I think I've got it together, I cry all over again. Sheesh, people are nice.

What a wonderful, loving post, Margie. You're the absolute best.

I miss Julia too.
FireMom said…
Great post, Margie. Linking it now. Thank you for standing up.
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