I had a nightmare last night. It was absolutely one of THE MOST BIZARRE dreams I've EVER had. Seriously, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm coming unhinged. Dream interpreters: please be gentle.

I was in an office I didn't recognize; it was a strange mix of offices I know from here and our adoption agency in Seoul. Apparently I worked there in some capacity, for it was clear in the dream that I had a purpose for being there. Slick Sally P. (yes, now she's wrecking my sleep) appeared, smiling as always, for a reason that wasn't clear. I learned from others in the office that she was suspected of having poisoned a child. Everyone in the dream was on the lookout to make sure she didn't entice any other kids into her home. She had her sights set on a little boy who was there for some reason, so everyone, including me, was frantically trying to keep him away from her. Although I was doing everything I could to keep them apart, I remember a feeling of tremendous helplessness as she began to befriend the little boy and gain his confidence.

And then suddenly I was outside, at a picnic or gathering of some sort. There were tables all around, people were eating and talking and milling around. Slick Sally, the little boy, and everyone in the office were gone. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed an altercation. Two rather hard looking women were trying to pull a younger frightened one into their car. It was clear she was pregnant, also clear that she didn't want to go with them. I started shouting at them and ran over, at which point the two nasty women took off, leaving the younger one behind. I ushered her over to the picnic, where she was warmly welcomed with a standing ovation.

And then I woke up.

What the heck this was all about??


littlewing04 said…
You wrote: "It was clear that she was pregnant and that she didn't want to go with them."

They were probably forcing her to think about relinquishing her unborn child, or were going to force her to sign the papers anyway.

Your views on adoption have changed drastically. I'm not sure what the little boy part was about (maybe seeing a helpless child end up the adoption system?) but the second part - to me - seemed a bit more obvious.
Margie said…
There is no question that my thoughts about adoption over the years have changed, so the last part of the dream is clearer to me than the first. I just don't get the first, totally bizarre! I gotta stop watching the news I guess!!
patti said…
The little boy was the naivete of the red states being taken in by Sally.
Suz Bednarz said…
adoption should come with a surgeon generals warning that suggests it can induce nightmares.

i have lived with them for years.

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